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True Love

In life we all look for acceptance..love..companionship…friendship..etc. I know in my own life I have been let down and I have let others down. Humans make mistakes. One thing owning a dog the last 6 years has taught me is, Sadie is always there for me. I can talk to her, tell her my worries…laugh with her…or go for long walks. Pets don’t let their owner down. When people fail you, you always have a happy tail wagging when you get home. She greets me each evening wagging that tail and hopping around like crazy. That is true love. I am blessed with a super dog. 

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Going Home

The girls and I love our new hobby of pet sitting. We get to meet new dogs, play with new dogs, and learn each dogs preferred way of daily routine. Then comes the ugly part……going home. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the owner and the dog reunited. But we miss those sweet faces. Sadie has done great learning to tolerate and play with other dogs. If I could I would take in every animal I could find. If had the finances I would quit my  8-5 job and due pet sitting only. Thank you to everyone sharing my page and promoting my business. 

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About us

I offer pet sitting services in my home or your home. I can cover one day out of town trips to one month vacations. Your pet is loved and cared for while you are gone. I will come and meet you and your pet before you make a decision on booking my services. Give me a call or send me an email to set a date. Thank you.

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Just getting started

This is our first blog. K&K Stay and Play pet sitting.

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